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Ok well my views are this, rap is 50/50, i know alot of people say Hip hop is dead but beleive me it aint, not by a long shot, the irony of rap is the 50% bad part is what we hear on mtv and bet, thats what i call commercial, mostly anyways, i mean how can Solja boy be a rapper? when u have eminem and the game on the same chanel, so im not saying all rappers who have major deals are sellouts but most, but the 50% good is alllll underground i cant stress how good some of these people are ! from battle rappers like iron solomon or thesauras, to just rappers making songs like immortal technique or diabolic, were in a new era of rap with these rappers, im talking sick wordplay, metaphores, politics everything, the shit is sooo deeep its crazy ! so if your into rap and im talking lyric wise not dance wise, then google about look for underground rappers, i recently come across a canadian rapper called classified, he makes his own beats and he has some amazing lyrics id suggest looking him up, although i heard he recently got signed to a major deal but im not sure who by, so my views on todays rap is good, providing u know where to look and dont judge it by what u see on mtv and bet, like most thing u have to look deeper to find the heart and soul of something, let me know your views too people, whether u agree or disagree with me too


This site is going to be dedicated to rap, and i want to know everybodies opinion of rap, weather its too commercial, too fake, still good, i want to know about up and coming rappers who want to get a name for them selves, i want rap battles, i just want it to be about rap, so if your a rapper or just have and opinion of rap let me know what u think. Have a look about and send me some comments and ask me anything ! i know quite alot about rap, inculding addresses for Top labels like shady records and def jam !! get at me !!